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Pieces of Paris
::City of Light::
Europe Day 
9e-mai-2006 11:58 pm
Today - the 9th of May - was the Day of Europe. It celebrates the Schuman Declaration on May 9th, 1950 that France and Germany should put their coal and steel resources in common, so that the mines control mainly in Westfallen, Saxe and Alsace-Lorraine along with the steel market would no longer be a fight issue. Of course, the other main west-european countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Italy) weren't left out ; it led to the European Coal and Steel Community (Treaty of Paris, 1952), the prelude to the European Economic Community (Treaty of Rome, 1958).

Thus the 9th of May became Europe Day.

Europe Day

It means that European flags were there even more than usual... Even buses wore them (along with one of their French flag from the 8th of May !)

A bus wears a european and french flag Flags hanging outside the Printemps store
Paris - Haussmann (9e)(9 mai 2006)
A bus of line 32 wears a European flag, and a French flag. Such flags always hang above the door to Printemps de la maison, a famous store located in the touristic quarter of Haussmann, next to Saint-Lazare station in the 9th arrondissement.

Also on my way, I went through the Pont Neuf. You may remember this picture. Well it was taken with my cellphone camera, not very good. Here is a digicam shot... So much for the sunny weather.

The Louvre and the Pont des Arts from the Pont Neuf.
Paris - Grands Augustins (6e)(9 mai 2006)

River Seine, downwards. The big building in the background is the Louvre, former royal palace. The bridge is known as the Pont des Arts, and often hosts art-related expositions. The bit of land on the left is the far western end of the Île de la Cité.

The Palais Chaillot and Foch Statue
Paris - Trocadéro (16e)(9 mai 2006)

This is a view of the western wing ("Passy wing") of the Palais Chaillot. That wings host the Museum of Marine. The other wing hosts the infamous National Theater of Chaillot.
The statue is of Marshal of France Foch who was the commander of the French armies during WW1.

I was waiting for the sky to be darker to get better shots. So on my way, I went accross the famous Place de l'Etoile. Here is a nice picture :

The Arch of Triumph with the War Honour Flag
Paris - Etoile (8e)(9 mai 2006)

How nice is it ? The Honour Flag remains from the 8th of May ceremonies. It floats above the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The tomb reads : "Here lies a French soldier, who died for his country".

I was mentionning Europe Day earlier. Here is why.

The Arch of Triumph is all blue !
Paris - Etoile (8e)(9 mai 2006)

Blue. Yeah, you're not dreaming, the Arch of Triumph has been turned blue, to celebrate Europe Day. It wasn't the only one though :

The Eiffel Tower celebrates Europe Day in its way ! It still flashes !
Paris - Champ de Mars (7e)(9 mai 2006)

Yeah, the Eiffel Tower was turned blue too. It still shines every hour. This isn't the first time it happens however : back in 2004, it was turned red to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
(More on the Tower light effects).

So how nice is that, huuh ? Yeah, I know, my digicam is far from being very good, but I can't buy a better one anyway, so this one is enough for me :)

Hope you enjoyed... Sunny days still too rare to get good pictures though. Hehe.
12e-mai-2006 01:44 am (UTC)
Of course I enjoyed that!!! *hugs*
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