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Pieces of Paris
::City of Light::
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10e-fév-2006 01:51 pm - Bienvenue à Paris !
Welcome to Paris !

I thought it was time for someone to start the picture-party here, so I hope that our very own moderator belle_journee won't mind that I'm starting it all !

Hope everyone read the rules, so we can get started with two pictures that I particularly like. They're part of what I call "random on-the-fly pictures", meaning that I randomly took them with my camera phone which may explain the pretty average quality. But I really like them, and even more than that.

A well known place for startersRéduire )
A random parisian picRéduire )

Mostly, I often regret that I don't have my digicam with me all the time, but well, I'd be too afraid to lose it.

Friends of Paris, now let's show your pictures :) Don't hesitate to comment on these either.
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