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Pieces of Paris
::City of Light::
Entrées récentes 
25e-oct-2007 11:14 pm - My trip to Paris
Bonjour! I got the chance to go to Paris for the first time this past summer and I am now slowly posting stories and pictures from my trip on my livejournal.  I heart new friends and comments :)

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the trip:


see more at my livejournal

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27e-mai-2007 03:23 pm(pas de sujets)
I'm realyl a big fan of France and would love to meet new people^^
just add my lj
i'd be really delighted!
29e-mar-2007 03:11 am - A walk by the Banks
Hello people who I don't doubt are reading this even if I seem to be the only one to post !

Today was the second really nice and warm (nearly) day we had for a while, so after our lecture my friends and I decided to go pick up food, and to walk a bit around to enjoy the sun. And by chance I had my digicam with me, so I got to take a few pictures and I made another page out of it !

Here's the link !

I hope you will enjoy them.
The trip is mainly focused on the River Seine Banks. There are some pics I really like, by the way :)

Any comments appreciated as usual.

Enjoy !

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21e-fév-2007 09:20 pm - A walk in Paris
Long time since nobody posted in here, huh ?

Well, long ago, I promised un-touristic-style pictures. I had the occasion yesterday and I made a page out of it.

Pictures taken along the way during a walk between Central Paris (around the City Hall) and through the Second arrondissement.

I took pictures on the fly, which are, as I was saying, un-touristic. So I hope you will enjoy the pics and comments I added !

PS 1 : I will make a design so the page is easier to read/more enjoyable.

PS 2 : Pics 25 and 27 *don't* exist, they're not failing to load.

Enjoy !

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Parker Posey  - Rain cloud

Synopsis: "Paris, je t'aime" (Paris, I love you) is a 2006 film starring Elijah Wood, Emily Mortimer, Natalie Portman, Nick Nolte, Gérard Depardieu, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Willem Dafoe, Juliette Binoche, Steve Buscemi, Miranda Richardson and others. The two-hour film consists of eighteen five-minute arrondissements (all twenty were planned, but two fell through). Each arrondissement is directed by a different director. Some of them are Wes Craven, Walter Salles, Joel and Ethan Coen, Alexander Payne, Gus Van Sant, Tom Tykwer and Alfonso Cuarón.

It was announced on March 7, 2006 that Paris, je t'aime would open the selection Un Certain Regard on May 18 at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. As Cannes approached, there were rumors that the film might not even end up being screened, as there were reports of a disagreement over some of the content between producers Benbihy and Ossard. It was then reported that the film would be screened, with 18 shorts. The film was screened, shown at Cannes on May 18.

(The woman in the red coat on the poster is an obscured Miranda Richardson).

 One City. 10 Million Hearts. One Love Story. One Film.

ps: I'm french, and like you can see, my english is not very good. Sorry for the mistakes!!
25e-juin-2006 09:08 pm - video
Mylène in a box
It's about time I posted in my community. :P

I was finally able to upload this video to photobucket. It's about 2 minutes.

Inside Notre Dame Cathedral

It's a little shaky, but not too bad.

(Link opens in a new window.)

9e-mai-2006 11:58 pm - Europe Day
Today - the 9th of May - was the Day of Europe. It celebrates the Schuman Declaration on May 9th, 1950 that France and Germany should put their coal and steel resources in common, so that the mines control mainly in Westfallen, Saxe and Alsace-Lorraine along with the steel market would no longer be a fight issue. Of course, the other main west-european countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Italy) weren't left out ; it led to the European Coal and Steel Community (Treaty of Paris, 1952), the prelude to the European Economic Community (Treaty of Rome, 1958).

Thus the 9th of May became Europe Day.
The pics are hidden here !Réduire )
Hope you enjoyed... Sunny days still too rare to get good pictures though. Hehe.
Today I fancied a trip in Montmartre, probably from all the talk back when I published those pics, and I hadn't been there for a while. So as I was feeling a bit better (wasn't too good in the morning), I decided to go for it.
I then went out of my place, down the metro on line 7, then line 2... only, what I hadn't planned was the rain.

Weather in France in March is pretty like this : for days, you'll alternate between 10 mins or rain and 10 mins of nice weather, basically. Well today it was more like rain, rain and rain. Except that I hadn't planned that, obviously. When I got there, it was raining cats and dogs.

I still took eleven shoots which I'm posting here for you to enjoy. I apologize about the bad weather... And I tried some light correction but it didn't improve anything at all, so I left them like that in the end.

I conceived this as a roadtrip, so here goes :

(To see the pictures full-size, right-click on them and select "View Image". (Ctrl+Clic for Mac users)

Pic 1Réduire )
Pic 2Réduire )
Pic 3Réduire )
Pic 4Réduire )
Pic 5Réduire )
Pic 6Réduire )
Pic 8Réduire )
Pic 9Réduire )
Pic 10Réduire )
Pic 11Réduire )
Pic 12Réduire )
6e-mar-2006 12:50 pm - In the streets of Montmartre...
I was downtown this morning and I was thinking about publishing my Montmartre pictures in here.

Again, I don't have very recent pics but the weather doesn't really allow any good pics, so that'll have to wait for a few more months :)

(Right-click the pictures and select "View Image" to see the full-size)

Pic 1Réduire )Pic 2Réduire )

Pic 3Réduire )

Pic 4Réduire )
Pic 5Réduire )
Pic 6Réduire )
Pic 7Réduire )
27e-fév-2006 11:56 am - Photos!
paris city of romance
So, I have about 6000 photos of Paris... some good, some bad. As you can imagine, choosing takes a lot of effort, however I've done my best to post a few photos of places at are particularly special to me after my year there.
photosRéduire )
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